Unboxing own brand paintings

After months of looking for a factory to make my onw brand paintings. I finally find what i was looking for, we had a long interaction by email. About things what was possible and what wasn’t possible. After this i decide to ask the designer to sent me a painting from all kind of diamonds they have so I get a painting in round, square and pebble diamonds.

After that the paintings where made, and sent out the factory sent me the track and trace code. I made a custom page on my website to tack the order, after 8 days I did get a mail from the local post office that they received the order and the day after the paintings were delivered. I was really surprised. the paintings came boxed one by one. Like this the painting is optimal protected for shipping.

The painting it self

The paintings self. what did I think by opening the boxes. the canvas is a bit less thick as I used to paint with, after painting the first painting i’m happy with this in the beginning i was thinking that a thicker canvas was better but now i think that of you have wrinkles in your thick canvas it’s harder to get out then the more softer canvas like this. Then the diamonds I really like this diamonds all diamonds are already pre packed. in zipbags. you can use this bags or transfer the diamonds to an other storage container,. there is also a diamond painting pen tray and a bit of wax. I never used the wax before,

Shipping time!

The shipping time was amazing it just took 9 days to get delivered in France. After this I did a order to Great Britain that took 11 days, also a painting to the US, only took this one around 3 weeks I think that this is about import and costumes. So after all i think the shipping time is not that bad.

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