Tesla model 3 Diamond Painting

Painting 45x100cm

I wanted to make a bigger painting than what I normally make for in the living room, after looking for a nice design or picture did i decide to make a custom painting of a Tesla model 3

Why a Tesla diamond painting ?

Why I did decide to make a diamond painting of a tesla is because I really like Tesla car’s. I don’t want to say i’m obsessed by Tesla car’s but maybe you could say i’m 😃. Most people who know me they know i want a model 3.

It did started a while ago. with watching some YouTube video’s first i was looking for the model S and X. but knowing the price I know this car will never come, LOL so i was looking at the model 3. At first i really did not like the model 3, then de new model 3 (2021) came on the market and i have to say i really fall in love with this car, But still way above my budget.

what about the canvas size?

I did make paintings in the past 60x90cm and all the time i forget how big paintings are, And tell myself always after this one I will not make a big painting anymore. and then I will start with a big painting again, but also one issue is that i don’t have a lot of place to paint big paintings. But im really happy with this painting.

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