Start of the 60x90CM diamond painting NEWPORT

diamond painting huacan 60x90

Now we can start with the painting, we finished the custom part of the name, this part of making the name took a lot of time this by counting every diamond square one by one. But after a couple of hours it was done and the end results is pretty nice.

In this part of the video we start to paint the blue part of the water, in front of hotel newport bay club at disneyland paris. This 20 seconds time-lapse what you can see in the video (above) looks me over almost an hour to paint. for me personally it’s not really fun to paint big parts of one color it takes a long time to do it and you don’t see progress of all the work.

horrible diamonds

Also is this the second diamond painting im making of the company Huacan Diamond painting and like the first painting that I did make are the diamonds from a bad quality i try to stick the diamonds on the canvas but some there is some reason that they don’t stick good on the canvas. I also use a roller to stick them better on the canvas, but they are still falling off sometimes. but im sure on the end all will be good.

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