Snow landscape diamond painting almost done

The new show landscape diamond painting. Is growing fast only an other 25% and it’s done again. I really enjoy smaller paintings. Not to small of course, but around 40×50 or a bit bigger are a good size painting

This painting is from a good quality, diamonds are stick well to the canvas, after this painting i will start at 3 new paintings I did order from my own brand of paintings. I can’t wait till i get them. I let come a pebble a square and a round diamond painting. I think i will start with the pebble painting one. Because i never made a pebble painting before, so im so curious how it will be,

New brand paintings

After having paintings from a lot of companies i try to start my own brand of paintings, Why i did this is because often i was disappointed about or the canvas or the diamonds, or about the packets how the seller sent the painting. I contracted a factory and told them what i want and how i want it. After a lot of sending mails and getting mails we found out what i wanted and what they could do for me. i told them to sent me 3 paintings to look for the quality and if it was how i wanted my paintings. So im painting for the paintings to get delivered.

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