Snow landscape and our own brand paintings

This painting is going fast and i love it, This little snow landscape diamond painting of 40x50cm is halfway done. and it starts to get out nice.

Now we are starting at the bottom part of this painting, I also asked my designer to sent me some paintings for testing and give more information to you guys. so she sent me out 3 paintings. all 40x50cm one in round one in square diamonds. and a pebble painting,

Pebble paintings

Pebble paintings I don’t know a lot about them yet so im super exited to see them and to paint this painting. The only thing i know is that the details in pebble paintings are less good as in normal paintings but they are more sparkling. So if your painting don’t have a lot of details it can be nice i think. So let’s check out,

It also have less colors, then a regular diamond painting. she told me that this pebble painting have just 20 colors, So I hope that they get delivered soon,

I also Helped a happy Diamond painter with ordering her ow custom painting in de size 50x70cm free delivery in great Britain, it only took 11 days for delivery. She was so happy with her nice painting. she texted me that she was surprised bij de size it was so big, I hope she will sent me some photos of how her work go’s

Are you looking for a custom painting look at my page custom paintings im happy to help you

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