pebble diamond painting

All you want and need to know about  pebble diamond painting.

What is pebble diamond painting?

Pebble diamond painting is basically the same as normal diamond painting  the only different thing of pebble painting is that you use different diamonds to paint with. Is pebble diamond painting something for you?  that question can you only answer for your self.  But i can try to help you,  I did 1 pebble painting myself, and I enjoyed it. But will I make al my paintings in pebble stones?, No i don’t think so. Let me tell you why. And where you should think about if you start making a pebble diamond painting. For your self, 

Pebble Diamonds are round and extra sparkling, the bottom of the diamonds are sliver or black with on the top the color of the diamonds and a clear diamond on top. This gives a more sparkling effect then the normal diamonds  

What you need to know about pebble!

If you want to make a pebble painting there are a couple of thinks you need to know.   Because pebble stones are super sparkling is painting of people not that good as if you paint them with normal diamonds. Also there are less colors in pebble stones then in normal round and square stones. Because of this you see less details in your painting. mine advice is to make a pebble painting from a cartoon or a photo with not a lot of details. Or just a couple of colors. 

what was my impression of pebble diamond painting?

I never heard about Pebble diamond painting, before my designer talked about it.   I was curies about it,  So I told here to sent me one. My first impression was that the stones are bigger then the normal round diamonds  and much more sparkling,  After starting painting I also found out that there are less details in the painting because of the color changes in the diamonds and that there are less diamonds on the painting then in a normal diamond painting.  But this doesn’t make it ugly, I think it’s something nice to make next to your diamond painting.  I think a nice painting of colorful flowers or a simple cartoon can be amazing, In the painting that I made there was sliver and salmon, I also think this colors will be used for skin colors so I don’t know if this is nice on a painting,