Painting 60×80 Newport finished

framing diamond painting

After months for working the diamond painting of hotel Newport is finally finished. It took me a lot of hours to make this big painting. Longer than expected. One of the reasons was the quality of the diamonds.

After months and months of painting is this painting finally finished., And the end results are really amazing. But it was not always sunshine for this painting. In the beginning I decide to put the name of the person who will get this paining, on the bottom right, So i used a online website to create this layout, counting diamond by diamonds the name, and after a couple of hours the name was finally done, What I did wrong is that i used a black background and a white name on the end you don’t really see the mistake. but it’s better to take a background color that match the background color of the painting, while this is dark blue now you don’t really see the back and white in the name.

starting to paint.

when the name was done, I started the painting it self. I was thinking it should go fast because in the beginning it did. There was a lot of the same color, so in a while it started to get bord, end then the problems starting. diamonds where falling and did not stay on the canvas. I replaced some of the diamonds. and for a while i stoped painting. I was done with this horrible painting,

corona virus

Then it was March 14 and the corona virus found his way in to France and Paris. whole life in France came to a stop. And also Disneyland Paris closed. without knowing when to open again. This was the time that I started to paint again. A couple of weeks before the lockdown stoped the painting was finally finished and I could look for a frame. But because a lot of stores still where closed couldn’t found anything. It was 2 weeks after lockdown that i found a frame for this painting. All the time in between I kept the painting under my carpet,


The frame that i found for this painting is 61×91,5cm so it is a bit to big first i was thinking i keep it like this but on the end I decide to make a border around the painting. i used the same tape that they use on the paintings. and made a border around the existing painting. after I spray glue the canvas on the back bord of the frame with a neoprene glue spray and i had to say it was more expensive then the spray glue i normal use, normally I pay around 5/6 euro for the spray and this one was 10 euro so around 11$ i think. But the end results where amazing i never had a glue like this. It was like a spiderweb that i sprayed over the canvas en over the back bord of the frame. i keep this open for a minute or 2 then i put the two parts on top of each other. and it was perfect directly. I put the glass in front of the painting and stick it in to the frame screw the screws in it and the painting was really done.

I still did not give the painting away because we still did not went back to work. but this will change soon. and I hope she will like the painting, after all its work

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