Making a new fast time-lapse and 2 videos this time


In this week update of our painting. I will show you two video’s, one video i already make a couple of weeks ago but did not had the time to post it yet is i’m post it now,

In this short time-lapse video you see the progress till so far, I’m really happy when this painting is finished because it takes me way to long LOL, when I see the end result after every video i really think it gets super nice but while i’m painting it’s a real pain in the ass, diamonds are popping up or falling from the canvas i use a roller to stick them better to the painting but still the diamonds are popping up.

The second video of this little blog was a real adventure, I was planning to make a 10 by 60 cm in one day but after 30 cm I was already 4 hours painting and i stoped and continued the day after. After breakfast was it time to continue again and again it took me way to long to paint the last 30 cm,

Strange part on the hotel

On the last part what we had made of the hotel is a strange part of gray, when I looked at it when i was done with the part of the painting and i looked back it looks a bit strange for now i think i use the wrong color but we will see when we are painting the next part for the painting

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