First time pebble painting (flowers and sun)

The first time that I hear from pebble painting, was when my designer told me if i wanted a painting in round square or pebble stones. I asked her what are pebble stones so she sent me some photos of pebble stones, I went on youtube to look if i could find more about pebble painting and I good not get a real good impression of what to expect.

I contact my designer and told her to sent me 3 paintings, one in round diamonds, one in square diamonds and one in pebble diamonds. So she did, around two weeks later I reserved the diamonds paintings by post. delivered separate in nice boxes, but for now let is just focus on the pebble painting.

My first impression

my first impression of the paintings where as expected, the painting was shipped in a nice box all diamonds already pre-packed in zip-bags, a diamond painting tool kit, pen, tray, some wax, and a tweezers, and of course the canvas it self, the canvas was covered with a plastic protection layer. Me personally are not really a big fan of this i prefer more the paper protection layer, the reason why i like this more is that you not get distracted from the part of the painting your working on.

the pebble stones

the stones where packed in separate zip-bags with the number on it that is equal to the numbers on the canvas. In some of the bags there where not a lot of diamonds. I was afraid there where not enough diamonds but as you can see on the end there where enough, the tricky thing with this kind of diamonds is that if you don’t have enough diamonds you can’t use the normal diamonds to finish it.

shape and size of the diamonds

The pebble diamonds are bigger then the normal round diamonds, so painting wil be faster then with the normal little stones, also the stores are more shiny then the standard diamonds. the top layer of the stones are clear and the bottom part is colored in the DMC color that give the diamond his color, the bottom of the diamond is silver or black. You can paint with your normal diamond pen. also because the diamond is a bit bigger then the standard stones makes this no differents for the tools you use.

Did I like painting with pebbles ?

I liked painting this painting , it was a nice experience but i don’t think i will paint a lot of pebble diamond paintings. also because there are less colors in stones. and not all photos can be made into a pebble diamond painting, the painting i just made in to a pebble painting came out nice, but to get not disappointed in the future i think i will just stay with the normal diamonds

what should you know before starting pebble painting.

  • diamonds are not the same as normal diamonds
  • more shiny
  • bigger
  • less colors
  • more heavy
  • less colors on a painting
  • white is silver tones
  • details on the painting are less then normal paintings.
  • paint faster

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