Finally something more then just blue

60x90cm newport part 4

Finally we start to paint with more than just blue. And of course we are not done with blue but im happy that we can use some more colors now.

It’s a while that i did not work at this painting, I went on holiday and first I wanted to bring the painting with me to paint a little bit in the evenings, but because this painting is a 60x90cm painting I left it at home it’s to much to bring it and of course it can only damage in transport from one to the other place. And I did not really missed my painting while I was in the Netherlands SORRY

super huge painting 120x160cm

I have this big painting 120x160cm of different disney movies mixed into one painting and while i’m making this painting and see how long it takes me to make it I can not imagine that i will make this super big one, And i also don’t have the place to make this one, I barely don’t have the place to make and store the 60x90cm painting so where will I paint and store even a bigger painting.

but the future will tell us, if wil will make this painting

for now enjoy the video and see you soon in a new blog.
and i hope this painting will be done soon, see you.

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