Diamond painting with personalized text

custom text diamond painting

In this video i will show you how to take a custom ordered Diamond painting. And add here a home made text in extra.

So what did I do and where did I start !

First of all this painting is a give a way. So if you make a painting that is not for yourself, Think good of what you will paint because what for you is just a innocent photo can be something completely different for someone else. So think what you will give away. After i choose my picture I decide to add her name on the diamond painting.

How did i continue!

I used an online tool to make the layout of the custom made name. ( you can find the link on the bottom of the message) I first I used a photo editor program to make the layout. I used a black background and white for the text, on the end I better could take the color blue because the background color of the painting is also blue. But this was my fitst time. after i upload the photo to de online tool and follow the instructions online, you choose the size and how many colors you want to use in your design, you get a download of three pages, 1 design 1 dmc color card and 1 photo of the end result of your custom made design

after that its just a question of counting your squares, it’s not the most fastest work but on the end is the result really amazing. I just want to say, take your time don’t try to rush, because making mistakes is going fast. And you don’t wat to start over again .

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