Diamond Painting winter landscape 40x50cm

40x50 snow landscape

I start a new painting, even it’s not a painting i should make normally I have to say I like it. Maybe i should make more paintings in landscapes

This painting is 40x50cm and smaller then the last one that I made, and in the beginning i was thinking what should i make now, after the 60x90cm painting of hotel Newport . First i was thinking i will just stop for a while, but before I knew I start making this painting. It’s a painting that i get for free from a diamond painting #factory and i have to say i’m surprised about the quality. before I knew i did 30 by 20 cm on one day it is really going fast.

How are the DMC colors

In this winter painting i was thinking to have a lot of white but by my surprise i found out that there is not even one white diamond in this painting. It have a lot of bleu and pink tones. 40 different colors most of them are light colors.

I ordered a second one

at our own factory I let come the same painting. we did not had this photo in our system, so we had to go online to find the photo. And we found out that the seller from the painting that we are making now. Used a filter on top of the photo. With the filter the sky is blue and the rove tops of the houses are more yellow then white. this also in reflection of the street lights. But I can’t wait till i have the one from our factory to see the differents in quality and colors, what i understand is that our designer also used 40 colors so it should be almost the same.

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