Custom painting

All you want and need to know about custom diamond  paintings.

Custom Diamond Painting

Here we will talk about  custom diamond paintings. They also call them customized pictures, But it’s the same, a custom diamond painting is a diamond painting from your own photo, this can be a photo of your house, a loved one or a pet. But it can also be photo that you found on internet,  Just remind that using photos from internet or photos that are not your own. can have copyrights, like logos of company’s and celebrities. Diamond painting factory’s will print this Diamond paintings normally, also because normally it’s just 1 painting, and company’s can not really controle this  

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Oke you are here, so maybe you are looking for a custom painting. Or more easy a diamond painting from your own foto. And that is possible, and if you already looked online for one you probably have seen that there are a lot of different options available. But is that really true? 

Most of the time you see a lot of options in the price. don’t ask me why a painting at one company is 20$ and at the other company 40$ for the same size and diamonds. Maybe it’s quality but I can’t tell you this because I’m not in contact with them. 

What are the options?

There are two basic options, one the size of your canvas and two the kind of diamonds you want to use,  really that’s it. 

canvas size. most regular sizes I see is 40×50 50×50 50×70 60×90 cm. But there is not really a rule for the size is of you want a painting of 100x400cm you can order this most of the time the maximum wide is 120cm because the canvas and the printers are not bigger  but the roll of canvas can be 50 meter long. 

The diamonds, There are 3 kinds of Diamonds

A square diamond is as the name already tell us  a square  there are 2 kinds of square diamonds  and there are mixt togheter. there is one diamond with 9 sides and there is one diamond with 13 sides and has a diameter of 0,25cm

diamond square

The round diamond is as the name tells us round. and have the most sides. So it’s looks like they are more shiny then the square diamonds a round diamond has 16 sides. and has a diameter of 0,28cm

pebble diamonds are the same as the round diamonds and have 16 sides and a diameter of 0,28cm but they are not from plastic they have a silver or black bottom over the bottom they have the basic color and on top a glass topping so they are ultra shiny. 


    What kind of diamonds do you want to use?