60x90cm newport part 4

Finally something more then just blue

Already the 4th part of this painting. and we finally start seeing coming it to live, we use more then just the blue colors. And the hotel is start to grow. I can't wait to see the end result

diamond painting part 3

60x90cm custom painting give away part 3

In this 3rd video of this big blue painting we start to see the beginning of the painting it self. I still think i should took an other design with less blue what do you think?

diamond painting huacan 60x90

Start of the 60x90CM diamond painting NEWPORT

After making the custom name is it time to start to painting it self. There is a lot of blue in this painting on the top and bottom of this painting so its going to be a lot of work, come and take a look

custom text diamond painting

Diamond painting with personalized text

In this blog post I will tell you about a custom painting I ordered online. For a give away. And I customize it with the name of the person for who the painting will be. See here how I did this.