Tesla model 3 Diamond Painting

My 45x100cm Tesla model 3 Diamond painting. After my last painting. I wanted to make a big painting for in my living room. And tesla is one of my favorite car's

First time pebble painting (flowers and sun)

In this blog we will look at a pebble diamond painting and what I think of it. Do i like it or not, and what you should know about pebble painting. before you start pebbeling

snow landscape painting

40x50cm snow landscape painting is done,

My snow landscape painting is done. I think he is really beautiful also because it's a small painting from 40x50 cm but the details are amazing. can't wait to start painting the next one.

Unboxing own brand paintings

My own brand diamonds paintings did came by the post. Im so happy with the results. I did asked the designer to sent me 3 types of paintings. to compare

Snow landscape diamond painting almost done

The snow landscape diamond painting is coming to he's end, only a little 25 % more to do and he is done. I'm also proud to tell you i finally have my own brand of paintings.

framing diamond painting

Painting 60×80 Newport finished

This is the last video of our 60x90cm diamond painting of hotel Newport in Disneyland Paris. After making a border around the painting we did frame the painting. The result is nice.

Snow landscape and our own brand paintings

It's time to paint again. We will continue the 40x50cm snow landscape painting, and I'm happy to announce that my own brand paintings are on there way to me, stay tuned

40x50 snow landscape

Diamond Painting winter landscape 40x50cm

We started a new painting a 40x50cm snow landscape. it's a free painting from a Diamond painting factory already sent to me in 2017. See how the quality is now in 2020

Diamond painting factory

A quick look in the diamond painting factory

In this short video you will see everything what happens if you order your painting. I also give you some more information, about options and what to think about by ordering.