Who is Stephan!

Hello and first of all welcome on my website.  If you are reading this you probably want to know who I am. So here we go

I was born in Amsterdam the Netherlands.  I was living in Amsterdam till I was 12.  A lot of people will say not the best part of Amsterdam, but I had a good time over there.  From Amsterdam we moved to Zandvoort aan Zee, this is a small village next to the north sea, an amazing nice place to live,


Zandvoort is a seaside village and municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. The municipality has 17,011 inhabitants (1 January 2019, source: CBS) and has an area of 33.82 km².


In  2016 I started a new adventure outside of the Netherlands, I applied on an online platform for a job at Disneyland Paris. And before I knew I had an email for a face to face interview, and it did not went how I expected how it should go.  So when I came back home I told my family I will never hear anything from them it was  a total disaster,  But after two days while i was working I got a phone call.  and a Disneyland paris cast member told me  that they had a job for me, starting two weeks after I had my interview so it went super fast,  in the beginning of April I went to DLP  for  a periode of 8 months. After my contract I went back to the Netherlands. two weeks later disney gave me a new contract first three weeks  but before I went back to France they changed it in to 6 months contract , after working two months my manager gave me a CDI contract and since then i’m still working in DLP.