A quick look in the diamond painting factory

Diamond painting factory

In this short video you will get a look in the diamond painting factory see the procedure from start till end of making diamond paintings.

There is not really a lot to tell about this video, watching tells more then reading it. But let us start at the beginning, there are a lot of options before you buy a painting. But are there really a lot of options if you ask me there are not.

what you just need to know is what do you want. what kind of diamonds and what size do you want your painting to be.
The size depends complelty on what you want to paint and of course what you like. Me myself i made some big paintings but to be honest I prefer more to make a bit smaller and no not 10x10cm but more like 40×50 50x50cm sizes. they don’t take a lot of time to make, but what is more important for me is they don’t take to much space to store, I’m not living super big so i had my big painting always on the floor and that’s not really a good solution specially when your painting is an expensive one.

And they you have the diamonds. there are 3 different kinds of diamonds you have round – square and pebble diamonds
most people paint with square diamonds that’s also what i use most. then the round diamonds are popular and the lass are the pebble diamonds.

What do you want to paint?

Then the question is what do you want to paint. if you want to paint something with a lot of details or with people / faces on the painting it’s the best to take a bigger size for faces we count around 20 cm per face. and then the rest around them. If you have a lot if details on you painting you should think like this a square centimeter on your painting will be filled with 16 diamonds in different colors. if you take your photo and you see a lot of details in the square centimeter you have to realize that you can’t have all this details in 16 small diamonds so if you go bigger your square centimeter will get bigger to so you have more diamonds to make your details visible.

Fun fact. do you want to know how many square diamonds your painting have. ? take the the sides of your painting and multiply this with 16. so say your painting is 40x50cm then you do 40x50x16 = 32.000 diamonds

Oke so you know what you want now you size and what kind of diamonds you want. So what do you do now, you go online and look for a seller that you like to buy your painting from, You can also contact my and buy your painting from me LOL

When you contact your seller you sent your photo, if you want to have a custom painting. most of the time you will get a reply with a layout of your painting, sometimes this can take a while, because your not the only one why is asking for custom painting layouts and most of the factory are located in China so the time differents will also play his parts. don’t forget that when it’s Chinese new year, most of the factory are not open so it can take more then 2 weeks before you hear from them

I have my layout!

So finally you get your layout and you say to your seller oke it’s good and you pay the price they asked you for the painting. by then mostly you are a couple of days later, the seller is printing your canvas getting your diamonds togheter and your toolkit, it depends from seller to seller if they sent your painting in a bag or in a box. most of the time small paintings go in a bag and bigger ones in a box. our paintings always get sent in a box. then your paining is done. it get a shipping sticker and a track and trace code and its on its way.. But that’s what we think it can take up to 4 5 days. so almost a week before your painting is leaving the factory. most of the time shipping from sites like aliexpress is free. but its not free for the seller and to keep this cost as low as possible they sent out in bulk. that mean that they sent there paintings when a big bag or container is full to keep costs as low as possible, and yes it’s also not possible to sent a painting from 20$ all over the world for free. if we want to sent a box from one side for the country to the other side we already pay 10$ so that’s why it takes a long time before your painting leaves the factory.

Dingdong, my painting is there

So there his is, the postman with your painting, first of all you control your painting is everything there, your canvas, toolkit and your diamonds, sometimes you get a lot of little bags. in small bags there are around 200 diamonds and 1000 in a big bag. this is 5 small bags. other sellers sent all the diamonds complete in on zip bag, if you order your paintings with me you get your diamonds all together in zip bags, if you are missing diamonds you can contact your seller directly and they will sent you the missing diamonds again. most sellers do this for free but i also heard that there are sellers who asked you to pay something for the shipping and I think the seller made the mistake so he should sent it. but it have no cense to fight for it you want to make your painting and without your stones you can’t make it, so take your time and talk normally. some sellers don’t speak good English so it can be a bit hard to understand each other. but my advice is stay polite, it will really help.

if everything is there. you can start painting have fun and see you soon.

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