60x90cm custom painting give away part 3

diamond painting part 3

This is already the 3rd part that we are doing of this painting, we continue the big part of blue.

After a big part of blue do we start to see a part of the hotel. what we see begin in our painting. is the right part of the walkway to the hotel, also we can see the trees in front if the hotel, after this part we will continue the part above, and start to paint the hotel it self. I think what i can see now that the painting wil be nice.

Blue blue blue

There is a lot of blue on the top and bottom part of this painting. I hope it will not be to much, the painting it self is 60 cm high and 90 cm wide, but now it will look that there is 20 cm of blue on the top part and 20 cm on the bottom part. and the size of the hotel is just 20 cm I hope the end result will be nice but i think we will see this on a couple of weeks. For the moment i still think its going super slowly. just like the last big painting i maked but it think this is also because it have a lot of the same color and for me that’s a bit boring

Bad diamonds

In my other blog from last days i already start about the diamonds and the canvas. I ordered 2 paintings at Huacan. and maybe I’m just in bad luck I really like to know you your paintings are from this company. In the past I read a lot of goods about the service and the quality you there paintings but I’m a bit disappointed about it,

for me the diamonds ar not really good fixed on the canvas, also after rolling painting. or after using books on top of the painting it’s still not a 100% good. let us look in the future how the painting will get out.

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