60×90 Diamond Painting of hotel Newport is done

Hotel Newport

This painting took a couple of months to make, even in the middle of making this painting I was considering to stop, completing this painting.

So It’s done, after months this painting is done. Im so happy how it went out, during painting i was thinking a couple of times to stop it. Because the diamonds where popping up all the time. It was really a frustrated process, But happy i continued, The only thing that have to be done. is buying a frame for it, frame the painting and give it away, I hope she will like the painting when i give it away.

So what need to be done now?

For now I only need to buy some new spray glue and a frame. But because we where in the lockdown here in France it was not possible to go out to buy this products, one because we were not allowed to go outside during this time and second because most of the shops where closed. now the shops are open again I can look for a frame. The only hard thing is to find a good frame for this painting. because its a big painting, frames can be more expensive then the painting it self. but that’s not the biggest problem, It’s more finding a good frame. most frames I have found are smaller in size 70×90 80×90 50x100cm. Till now i just found 2 frames one and IKEA and the other one at LEROY ET MERLIN, on the end I found more frames in the correct size at Leroy et Merlin. but non of them where available or where not sold at the shop nearby me.,

Not the correct size in frame

The frame that i wanted to buy is not the correct size. It’s bit bigger then the painting self. the painting is 60x90cm and the frame is 61×91,5cm so what should I do! or should i buy a smaller frame and cut a part of the painting. I was not willing to cut a part of the painting. because then i should cut 5cm on each side of the painting and that should take a big part of the painting away so i decide to make a black border around the painting to make it bigger.

But this is for the next time.

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