40x50cm snow landscape painting is done,

snow landscape painting

I know its not winter yet, and I’m already painting snow, I know, it’s a bit early for snow but I like it can’t wait till it’s Christmas again. And after just 2 weeks is this nice little painting 40x50cm in square diamonds done, I did get this painting from a aliexpress seller to test it. In the first video i told you guys that i did get the painting in 2017 but after looking online I found out that i get it in 2018, sorry for this 😝

while I was painting I sometimes was thinking what will this be but the end results are amazing, for this small 40x50cm painting i think the details are super. specially the street light in the middle of the painting looks nice, you can even see a little snow on top of it. I found out while i was painting this painting that the original of this photo is a night shot. So i asked my designer to sent me the same painting but then without a filter over it so it will be the original night shot foto. it will also be a 40×50 cm and i hope it will be as nice as this one. The only think what I had with this painting is that it had a couple of deep wrinkles in it, but maybe this came because I stored it for almost 2 years but the glue was still amazing.

Pebble painting

Now I will start at the Pebble painting i’m really looking forward to this painting. I never did a pebble painting. and when i talk to people about it, I found out that a lot of people don’t know what a pebble painting is. A pebble painting is just as a normal diamond painting a canvas with the painting printed on it. on the print they put the glue. and the protecting foil. the only thing that is different of a normal painting and a pebble diamond painting are de diamonds. square and round diamonds are massive in color, while the pebble stones are plastic or glass look diamonds so it means that just like crystal you can look true them, its a real nice effect, but be carfull what you paint with pebble stones not all paintings will get nice with this kind of diamonds, But more next time about pebble painting.

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