10x60cm done of the 60x90cm and almost done

hotel newport Disneyland paris

It’s already a couple of weeks ago that I worked on this big painting. And to be honest the reason is because i don’t like this painting at al. the quality is so poor. All the time diamonds are falling from the canvas or they popup when you start on a new part of the painting

Also the shadow on the left part of the hotel is a bit bordering me, but im sure that on the end it will be fine. But for the moment im not happy with how it looks. In the beginning of this painting I was happy how it looked like but now the end start to come i’m not really sure if i will ever buy an other painting from this company. Normally im not that hard, but the frustrations on this painting are so high, that painting is not really fun anymore, I hope the next painting will be more nice.

New factory

I’m in constant contact with a new factory for our paintings. There are a couple of companies who contacted us. But with one of them I have a good feeling. I hope i can give some more information about it in the future 😃

Custom painting ordering

our website had some updates. the custom painting page is growing. And also have a form where you can order your own custom painting. You can contact us. and we will replay at your message, with all the information that you need. after that you told us all you wishes for your painting wil will make a personal price. and if this works for you we will take your painting in production.

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