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Diamond painting photos

here you can find a selection of our diamond paintings. If you may have interested in one of them just sent me a message

Diamond painting videos

If you like to watch my diamond painting videos view them in the link below here. I have videos with tips and tricks, I try to make videos regularly

You can skip to the next video in the system balk in the video. Next to the play and pause button 

custom painting

It's also nice to make a custom painting, if you want to know more about custom paintings or your want to order a painting, click on the link below

Buying or looking for a painting?

If you are Looking for a nice Diamond painting or if you want a Diamond painting from one of your own photo’s I will be happy to help you with this process,  from my own experience i can tell you that there are a lot of companies around us. and with a lot of companies  there are a lot of different quality’s in paintings, if you are also watching my videos you can see that also I’m not always happy with the quality of the paintings that I did order. But this changed for me now I’m working with my own factory,  So if you are looking for a painting be free to contact me I’m happy to help you. 


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